Carbon Characteristics

“Special carbon products” is not a term given to specific products, but rather to a group of products with parts and jigs of various machines and equipment using graphite and carbon as raw materials.

The main special carbon products are given below.

Applications Classifications Products
Metallurgy Heating Elements
Crucibles & Pots
Casts & Dies
Sliding Plates & Cooling
Tubular Heating Elements, Heating Plates, High Frequency Heating ElectrodesCasting Molds, Analysis, Metallurgy, & Plasma UseTransistor System Jigs & Alloy JigsCasting Molds, Sintering Molds, & Die Cast MoldsAluminum Canisters, Sliding Plates, & Cooling FramesProtective Measuring Tubes & Metal Refining Gas TubesMolding Insulation & Granular InsulationSteel Manufacturing Recarburizer
Electricity Current Collectors
Vacuum Pipes
Resistance Elements
Trolley Wheels、Pantograph Sliders、Sliding Contact Points
Vacuum Pipes, Mercury Arc Rectifiers, & Anodes for Discharge Tubes
Fixed Resistance Elements, Adjustable Resistance Elements
Grounding Rods & Power Surge Electrodes
Machinery Bearings
Seal Rings
Rotating Blades
Anti-Friction Materials
Bush Bearings, Split Bearings、Ring Plate Bearings
Mechanical Seals, Piston Rings, Rotary Joints
Rotary Pump Use & Vacuum Pump Use
Break Shoes & Anti-friction Sliders
Heat Exchangers
Pipe Fittings
Towers, Tanks, & Filler Materials
Rupture Disks
Blocks & Bushings
Pipes, Valves, Vents, Elbows
Chlorine Gas Stripping Towers
Rupture Disks (Safety Valves)
Carbon Cement & Graphite Bricks
Electrochemistry Specialty Electrodes Fuel Cell Anodes & EDM Electrodes
Spectrometry   Powders, Particles, Machining Electrodes
Atomic Reactors   Moderators, Shielding Materials, Atomic Fuel Blocks
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